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Helicon Remote with Samsung s8

Posted: 06.01.2018 05:31
by RPMtl
Works great and I bought it. There seems to be a few hiccups when connected to a D800E but I'm learning how to avoid them. Stuff like turning off Live View while changing certain settings. No big deal - the app works fine. Note that this S8 is new and coming from a Blackberry Q10 there's a lot to learn.

Two questions:

1) When I Exit the app using HR's Exit menu option it continues to run in the background and I need to close it a second time by accessing the background apps and sliding HR off to the side to unload it. Is that simply a 'feature' of Android?

2) Is there a way to simply trigger the camera without invoking Live View? It would allow me to also use HR as a simple remote trigger and avoid installing another app. I found an "Activate live view when taking a shot" setting in the Shooing menu and set it to "No" but that did not work and the camera still toggled Live View ON/OFF when I pressed TAKE PICTURE.

BTW the video with live view feature is an unexpected bonus and will be very useful in situations where the camera is in a hard to reach spot.


Re: Helicon Remote with Samsung s8

Posted: 08.01.2018 15:09
by Stas Yatsenko
1) How do you judge that the app remains running? If you mean that it's listed among the apps that you've recently started - it's just that, the list of apps that Android remembers you using, not all apps in that list are running.
While Helicon Remote is running, its icon is present in the notification area, look for that. If it's not there, it's not running. Exiting the app from the menu will properly dispose of it, you should no longer see the notification after pressing "Exit".

2) It's complicated with Nikon cameras. To make "Activate live view when taking a shot" - "No" to work, you also need to switch the camera (or the lens) to manual focus mode. There is no such requirement with Canon cameras.

Re: Helicon Remote with Samsung s8

Posted: 10.01.2018 16:44
by RPMtl
Thank you Stas,

Re 1) Thanks for teaching my how to use the new Android device ;-) Yes, I see now that it's a "Recent apps" button and only *some* apps might be running in the background - thus the "Close all" button that's displayed on that screen.

Re 2) Since I'm already setting up the camera (probably on a tripod) and connecting it with a USB cable it's not a huge deal to add my wireless trigger for those times when I just want to take a photo without live view. I'm still not ready to switch to Canon (or a Mac) ;-))

Thank you for your help!