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Another Black screen

Posted: 20.02.2018 14:56
by booismycat
I just downloaded Helicon Remote 30 day trial.
I have a Canon 5D MK IV and an iMac running High Sierra 10.13.3

Initially, I followed the instructions in the online Helicon Remote Manual.

After connecting my camera, turning it on and then starting the Helicon software, the screen says Live View is Off. Under Tools, Toggle Live View is greyed out. I hear the mirror open and that's it. I have tried setting Exp. Simulation from Enable to During but that doesn't seem to help me as it did another newbie just recently.

Have also turned the camera on, turned on Live View BEFORE starting Helicon Remote. Live View displayed the view as expected but, when I started Helicon Remote, Live View went black on the LCD and Helicon Remote says Live View is Off.

Re: Another Black screen

Posted: 21.02.2018 11:47
by Stas Yatsenko
Please reproduce the problem (connect the camera and observe "Live view is off" as you described) and send a bug report (menu -> Feedback -> Report a bug).

Re: Another Black screen

Posted: 21.02.2018 15:00
by booismycat
Had a moment of confusion as I could not find Menu->Feedback->Report a Bug. Found it under Help->Report a Bug though.

The issue has been submitted as requested but, thought I'd update with additional information I found this morning. Not sure where I could update that report at this time.

Followed instructions as per the online user manual:
"Connect your camera to a computer with a USB cable. Then switch the camera on and run Helicon Remote — or vice versa."
PS... Clicked on your link- "If this doesn't happen, try reading our FAQs for a possible solution." but was brought back to Main Menu for Manual.

When I start Helicon Remote, as previously reported, I get "Live View is Off". If I press my Live View Button, Live View is turned on - on the camera but, Helicon does not recognize this.

So, I reset everything then, I powered on the camera, which starts my EOS Utility (ignored this previously). I then clicked on "Remote Shooting". Then I started Helicon Remote. I still got the "Live View Off" msg but, when I pressed the Live View button on the camera, Helicon Remote recognized Live View - for a moment - as it was displayed on the screen but then, it shut off. I pressed the Live View button on the camera again and this time, Helicon Remote seemed to be ready to control the camera as Live View stayed active.

I shut everything down as I wanted to report this information. Will test further but I do not feel that this issue has been resolved properly at this time.

Re: Another Black screen

Posted: 22.02.2018 15:38
by Stas Yatsenko
Don't know why I typed the way to send a bug report on Android instead of Mac, sorry for the confusion.

As for the problem at hand, please try this version of Helicon Remote: ... BLi1YPDB2t