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Disable file naming

Post by Horn01 » 26.05.2018 14:27


How can I disable file naming in Helicon Remote? I need to leave original file names from camera. I`m working on Canon 6D.

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: Disable file naming

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 28.05.2018 20:30

It's not something you can disable as Remote doesn't know the original names. Currently, the only way to achieve that is use the "Leave in the camera" download mode. But we intend to support it in "Copy to computer" mode in the future.

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Re: Disable file naming

Post by GracieAllen » 29.04.2020 04:18

Looks like it's been about 2 years since this question was asked... I haven't seen any obvious way to have the "copy to computer" mode keep the filename from the camera. Has this been implemented as indicated at that time?

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Re: Disable file naming

Post by Catherine » 02.05.2020 22:09

We looked into it and it turned out way too tricky to implement, borderline impossible. We could make it work in some scenarios but not in others, which wouldn't make for a good user experience. So no, it remains unimplemented due to technical complications.

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