image size is 'cropped' by Helicon Remote

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jay utc-6
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image size is 'cropped' by Helicon Remote

Post by jay utc-6 » 12.06.2018 19:29

Greetings -
Problem: while capturing stacks with Helicon Remote, the image size is reduced both in live view and the image size recorded. When live view starts the message " Live view mode selector is set to movie live view. Some functions are not available is this mode. Turn live view off and switch to live view photography unless you want to record video." is displayed. I do not know if this is the cause of the image size being cropped or not. I can not find a place to set live view to photo versus video.

I am consistently having this problem in the past two weeks. I have NOT used Helicon Remote since summer of 2017. I have not had this problem previously.

Hardware - Camera Nikon D810 - shooting RAW - image size Large - which should record a size of 7360 x 4912 pixels. The camera untethered does record this size image. This size image is also recorded when tethered to Lightroom. The image size recorded in Helicon Remote is 6720 x 3776.
I am not set to a video mode in the camera. Previously this camera has been used with Helicon Remote and captured the correct large file size. Camera firmware has NOT been updated since I used HR successfully last year.

Computer - MacBook Pro w/ touch Bar 15" - 2017 - I DID buy a new computer since I used Helicon Remote successfully last summer. OS is up-to-date.

I have tried :
1) Using Helicon Remote while NO other applications are running.
2) Not using a second monitor
3) Restarting computer
4) Deleting, re-downloading, installing Helicon Remote
1) Is there a live view photo vs. video parameter that I can set? Where do I find it? Is this parameter the cause of the cropped file size?
2) If not, is there another solution or something to try?
3) If not, is this a bug?

Thank you for your help!

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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: image size is 'cropped' by Helicon Remote

Post by Stas Yatsenko » 14.06.2018 12:48

This is not a software problem, you literally just need to switch from video mode to still photo mode. Video frames are 16:9 and regular photos are 4:3, so they can't have the same size.
This is the live view mode switch:
It's set to still photo on this image, which is the mode you want.

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