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Tube connection

Posted: 24.03.2019 16:18
by or798jf
Hallo there,

i haven't used my tube for a few month, may by near a year ago. And i reset my Android in this time. At the first time tube worked very well but now i didn't get the communication worked between the transmitter and the tube. The green light is flashing when making a foto, bur if i press teh send buttom in the tube app nothing is happen.The led didn't flash. I have tested both sender whch were part of the package, but it doesn't work. What can i do ? (Sorry if i didn't find an similas question in the forum).

Thanks for your halp in advance.

Canon 5D4 + Tamron 90mm

Re: Tube connection

Posted: 25.03.2019 09:09
by or798jf
The volum was turned to the maximum. And i have tried it with smartphone (android) and windows from laptop. The 3,5 mm connector damaged my socket from the smartphone ! :o

Re: Tube connection

Posted: 25.03.2019 15:52
by Stas Yatsenko
The transmitter has a standard 3.5 mm plug found in headphones and many other standard accessories. Could you please explain in a bit more detail what you mean saying that it damaged the socket?
As for configuration, please update the configuration app:
Please make sure that the camera is in Live View mode during configuration, it's crucial for successful data transmission.

Re: Tube connection

Posted: 26.03.2019 18:20
by or798jf
You are right perhaps my first estimation was not right. The result is that the left channel is dead. At first i though a contact was demanged because i needed more power to plug it in - but may be it is an electrical defect. It's an Galaxy S7. I can't explain it.

And with the windows destop version it works today. Seems i was my failure on sunday. Thank you for your help.