connection to nikon d300

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connection to nikon d300

Post by mactuan12 » 09.01.2020 10:40

I have downloaded Helicon Remote trial version and couldn`t get the connection to my Nikon D300 in Liveview. What means text "Functionality limited", is that the reason.

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Re: connection to nikon d300

Post by Catherine » 15.01.2020 22:43

"Limited functionality" means that your app is not licensed and thus a restriction on the picture quality and resolution applies. Since this is the only restriction there is, this is not why your camera is not detected. If it's D300 and not D300S, make sure it's set to PTP/MTP mode as described here:

If that doesn't help and you're using the Android app, please follow this troubleshooting guide:

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