Need Help setting up my Camera

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Need Help setting up my Camera

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I'm a noob at photography. Just starting out making some pictures for my company.I just got Helicon remote/Focus and wanted to do some foto stacking.

I really really need your help because I just spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to make this foto stacking work thing work.

The "auto focus" button on the top is grey. I cant click it or change anything. I think this is my problem I have to fix.

What camera settings do I have to change?

Hope someone can help me :cry: :cry:

I took the screenshot from a random youtube video because I'm not at the office rn to show you my issue...

Cant click the auto focus and if I move the arrows on the right nothing is happening.

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Re: Need Help setting up my Camera

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Make sure your lens is set to AF, and single-shot autofocus is enabled in the camera body menu (no AI, servo, continuous, or anything else fancy).
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