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Can I make it sharper

Posted: 07.11.2018 22:19
by mgilvey
I photograph plumbing fixtures for a client, chrome faucets, real expensive items for your kitchen and bathroom. I use Helicon focus with an 85mm Tilt Shift lens which is focussed manually. Been using this combo for about 3 years without ever asking if it could be any better? I think the images definitely look sharper because of the stepping but it still seems a bit soft Wondering if there is anything else I should do with the software.


I hand focus, about 8 steps for my subject.I've attached a screen capture for the setting I used. I don't think I've ever moved the. Are there better settings for a subject that is between 2-5 ft away, just talking off the cuff; I'm guessing you guys have settings for micro, vs 1ft, vs 4ft etc. That's what I'm getting at. What ƒ-stop are you using?

Re: Can I make it sharper

Posted: 08.11.2018 13:01
by Stas Yatsenko
I would suggest to use lent at it sweet spot aperture (f8 -f11) and consider Helicon FB Tube if you like to shoot stacks handheld.

Re: Can I make it sharper

Posted: 24.11.2018 18:34
by mgilvey
Is the FB Tube for manual focus lenses? Is that what I understand? If so, why doesn't it state that in the product description?

Re: Can I make it sharper

Posted: 24.11.2018 23:56
by mgilvey
Nevermind, I see it's for AF lenses. I have to shoot with at tilt/shift lens so I can adjust the perspective. I'll still have to do it manually.

Re: Can I make it sharper

Posted: 07.03.2019 23:43
by MHamiltonVisuals
I would definitely recommend shooting in the F8-F11 area in order to get the sharpest images. Then play with your shutter speed to account for the loss in light. I also saw someone recommend the Helicon FB Tube. I just used this the other day for the first time and expected to see a loss in image quality for sharpness while using it but was pleasantly surprised to not see anything. I would highly recommend!