Manual Lens Stacking

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Manual Lens Stacking

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Hello Helicons:

Just bought the software and waiting for download link, so I don't yet know the interface. I'm a professional looking for something else to shoot to help me stay sane. I've resurrected some older Nikon glass (24,28, 35, 50 Macro and 100 Macro, 180) mostly from the 1960s which are, of course, completely manual. Also, CLA'd a sweet 20mm f4 Zeiss Jena Flektagon. Going out into the local woods and hope to avoid the poison ivy!

I'm familiar with stacking processs on my D850 with AF lenses and the onboard commands. Thinks are a bit different in manual! These older lenses have depth of field markings on the lenses so I can kind of zone focus overlap as I run through the stacking progression. Seems straightforward, but, as Gilda Radnor used to say: "there's always something!"

Camera triggered with radio, thinking electronic shutter, mirror up, camera on a bad ass gitzo tripod with RRS support. Will overshoot. RAW. Output in Tiff for printing. On and on....

Any gap in my thinking? I'm used to nailing my assignments but willing to get smacked around by the learning curve a few times.

Thanks for any insight!

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