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Focus stacking with tilt/shift lens

Posted: 12.01.2010 17:32
by TheLion
Before Helicon, the only way for me to get DOF was with a view camera. Now I use a Hasselblad H3D for landscapes and I finally got their HTS -- tilt/shift adapter. The problem is the tiny LCD does not help me refocus AFTER tilting. Tethered using the computer screen, yes -- wonderfully. But untethered in the field, for more portable work -- no. Now, Helicon gives me the tool I need to achieve better-than-view camera results in post production, though that is not my favorite part of photography!

My question is whether there are other photographers on this board who use tilt lenses, and what can you say about that? i.e. How many frames in a landscape stack, with and without a tilt lens, etc.?

I just got Helicon, so after testing with a regular lens, I will use the tilt lens and report back here.

Thanks in advance.