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The sky

Posted: 25.08.2004 09:00
by Dan Kozub
Ok, Juza, here is my try :)
the original photo from the flight somewhere above Munich, Germany.
the plane is turning around ...

and now auto contrast and noise reduction applied:

Posted: 25.08.2004 19:35
by Juza
Hi Dan,
cool shot! 8)

My only suggestion is to apply a bit less the second version the whites looks "hot" (too bright) and the photo loses a little of its delicate, dreamy mood.

Posted: 19.07.2006 06:59
by mireille
This post is old but it show the value of woking selectively on contrast with controlling portion of image.. A magic wand tool alowing to select only the blue and dark grey to raise the contrast would have help here for a perfect result! :wink:

This is often needed with skies or sunset pics!

Posted: 17.11.2006 04:58
by Ariel
I like the first one best. It's always important to make sure the shot looks natural and that there are no hot spots.

Posted: 09.12.2007 14:17
by greenngold1
I think I would have used curves in Photoshop to adjust the contrast in the final image. That would allow more control over the highlights in the clouds.

Posted: 09.10.2008 10:20
by tombell
When will someone create a polorizing or ND filter add on, or plugin?

Posted: 16.11.2009 15:18
by Stas Yatsenko
I think PL filter is not possible to implement in software. As to ND filter, it is easy to implement, we will add this to our to-do list.