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Chrysanthemum sp.

Posted: 02.09.2004 19:09
by Juza

Taken with Nikon D70.

Post processing : saturation, sharpening, halo remotion.

This time I had to fight with a green halo ;-)

(you can see the photo before the halo remotion here---> )

Posted: 05.09.2004 10:00
by Dan Kozub
Great colors, Juza!

How do you remove halos?

In the next version I'll include white halo suppression. Can you send me a crop from this picture before sharpeing? I will try to process it with Helicon Filter sharpening and will publish it here to compare.


Posted: 05.09.2004 17:39
by Juza
Hi Dan,
I remove the halos "manually" with the pencil tool of Windows' Paint...a slow process, but it works ;-)

This is the not sharpened copy :

Posted: 05.09.2004 19:13
by Dan Kozub

Here is my try:

Befor shparpening:


White halos reduced by 50%:

White halos reduced by 100%:

Settings: Intensity=10, edge width=2, min edge contrast = 100%

Posted: 06.09.2004 01:04
by Juza
The halo reduction works well(the halo has disappeared), but the image looks a bit softer than mine(see magnified crops : )...there can be various reasons :

- noise filtering
The original image was taken at the lowest ISO value of my D70 and it was very noise clean; moreover it has been slightly blurred in the process of resizing it from 6 megapixel to the 640x428 web version, so the "not sharpened copy" was really noiseless. If you applied some noise filtering it could have diminished the detail.

- amount of sharpnening
Mayble you have used a little less sharpening than me

- halo reduction
the halo red. algorithm might have reduced sharpness?
I think that the best test might be to try the halo reduction with the already sharpened image (to avoid the uncertainties about the amount of sharpnening) and with all the other functions (noise reduction, color,etc.) turned off.

You can download the sharpened image here: