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Posted: 19.10.2013 08:45
by Sibelius
Shooting jewelry has several problems. The surface of jewel is mirror and gems lose their sparkle easy. And of course, focus needs stacking. I have a photographer in Hong Kong who delivers me stacked (and Photoshopped) images like this. ... 114-1-082/ This is rhodium plated silver ring with cubic Zirconia. I dont have me diamond rings up loaded yet, but they are similar quality. My problem is the gems are not shoving their best. HDR is one solution to get better images on gems.
Here is a pic I like the diamond has more life, colors, and is very sharp looking.
Rings are typically 2-3 cm long objects. Should I start shooting with Macro rail or use only EDoF? I have Canon 7D but for best image quality I can upgrade camera.

I only yesterday found out your program and realized I can combine HDR and EDoF. I am sure my photographer in Hong Kong do not shoot HDR.

Re: Recommendation

Posted: 23.10.2013 11:46
by Stas Yatsenko
I think shooting using camera lens should work well enough in your case. Macrorails usually required if DOF is very small, less than 0.1 mm.

Before combining EDOF and HDR I would recomment to shoot in RAW. Helicon Focus will process images in 16 bits per pixel and you will have enough dynamic range to experiment with DR compression and effects.

Re: Recommendation

Posted: 23.10.2013 18:48
by Sibelius
Thanks for good advice Stas. I need to wait with shooting until my new led light panels are here. I try to replace my flash.