What Dslr's allow remote focusing?

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What Dslr's allow remote focusing?

Post by dougdun »

With my Sony A100 I must manualy refocus the lens to sweep the focus range. This causes a certain degree of shake or movement to the camera between exposures. Are there any Dslr's that I can command the focus to shift using a remote? The camera would have to have at least a focus by wire cababilty I think.
Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub »

I have not heard about such cameras. Anyway, this should not be a problem. Helicon Focus alignes images before merging them, so movements and shifts should not cause difficulties.
Bob J

Remote focus ability

Post by Bob J »

The Canon 1D Mark III supports such a capability, and the new Breeze DSLR program supports it. I have not personally used it yet, but I am looking forward to doing so.

Unfortunately, the lens itself has to support auto-focus for this to wsork, so many macro lenses thay only support manual focus won't work - more's the pity.

Bob J

Focus bracketing

Post by Starbuck »

The Leaf AFi will do automatic focus bracketing. You can set the camera to take 3, 5, 7 or 9 photos with the lens bracketing the focus.

There is an article showing the Helicon Focus software and the Leaf AFi at: http://tinyurl.com/4s47ab

http://www.camera-college.com/index.php ... 3&Itemid=1
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Later Canon's remote with Live View excellent

Post by BrianS »

Probably well known by now, however just in case...

Canon's live view combined with their free tethered shooting program works a real treat. Focus steps are very small, with my 100 2.8 macro, I find I no longer need my focussing rail!! Plus I don't need to go near the camera.

An important tip. the lens needs to have auto focus turned on of course, however the camera will therefore try to errr autofocus - not good.

Solved by setting the custom function for the shutter button not to perform AF.

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Re: What Dslr's allow remote focusing?

Post by TheLion »

The Hasselblads H3D's (tethered) allow such automatic focus adjustment -- but they do not call it autofocus. I.e., Hasselblad says there is no autofocus with the HTS (Tilt/shift) adapter. But tethered, you can adjust the focus forever on the computer screen and the lens makes the changes remotely. I suggested giving this a name so more photographers would know -- before they buy/rent -- that the system is capable of this marvelous function. I bought Helicon, however, to avoid the tethering in the field for my landscapes. Now I plan on manual zone focusing (with the HTS when I can use it) and making the choice of what to include in the stack during post production.
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Re: What Dslr's allow remote focusing?

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Thanks for this information. We will check if Hasselblad has SDK to control the camera. We would be interested to add support for it too.
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Re: What Dslr's allow remote focusing?

Post by mariakessler2020 »

Where can I read more about the Leaf AFi automatic focus bracketing? I've tried open the link to article but unfortunately it is impossible to load at camera-college.com...

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