Hello from Berlin/ Germany

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Hello from Berlin/ Germany

Post by SchulamRosenhain » 03.03.2020 15:27

Hello hello,

I am Sebastian and I am from eastern germany. I work at a school and I run a foto course with some of our children. Mostly we use Canon DSLR cameras but sometimes we shoot analogue- 35mm up to large format. To have fun and make litte presents for the parentss or grandparents we build a darkroom with a big enlarger and make prints by ourself.

With our new opportunity Helicon Remote and Focus the kids build this:





Special thanks to Catherine - she make it possible

(and please excuse my bloody english :P )

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Re: Hello from Berlin/ Germany

Post by ThomasCurran » 19.05.2020 09:43

You sound to be a very nice teacher, I like your ideas very much.
I would sign my kids for your course.


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Re: Hello from Berlin/ Germany

Post by Dease » 13.06.2020 18:58

Hello Sebastian! Thank you sharing your story and photos. First one with Lego is amazing, it's my favourite one. I used to live in property in Germany when I studied there about 5 years ago, I love Germany! Really amazing country with lots of things to do and see.

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