Focus stacking + exposure bracketing

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Focus stacking + exposure bracketing

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I just discovered this website today. Results in peoples images are awesome!

I like to shoot landscapes/city scapes. And I use exposure bracketing on my Nikon d7200 and most often use 3 bracketed images. I combine using Aurora 2019 and then further editing in Luminar 4.

The only thing I've been missing and wanting is Focus Stacking. Is there a way using the Helicon Remote that I can shoot multiple exposures (with each of these exposures being focused stacked (and hence, in focus throughout) This way, the (typically) 3 images I use to combine in Aurora will all be focused stacked.

The ease of this will be the deciding factor to purchase.

Also- I can bring my MacBook Pro, but would it also work on an iPhone? (don't have an iPad).

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Re: Focus stacking + exposure bracketing

Post by Catherine »

Helicon Remote supports both exposure bracketing and focus bracketing, and can easily combine the two. And yes, it will work on iOS (but only via Wi-Fi connection).
Each shot in the focus series will be exposure-bracketed. You should then combine (in your case) 3 focus stacks in Helicon Focus - each at one of the three exposure steps - and then HDR-stack them, just as you suggested.
Why don't you give it a try? And I'll be happy to assist with any further questions you might have.
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