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Posted: 12.02.2009 15:45
by peteschick
Can someone help me figure out how to get better results?
I either get a halo (method B) or blurry areas (method A). Am I doing something wrong?

Posted: 13.02.2009 13:18
by Dan Kozub
Peter, please send us source images so we can test the stack. You can upload them to our ftp server (

files sent

Posted: 13.02.2009 23:06
by peteschick
I uploaded a stack into a folder called "peteschick." It's big!
Let me know if it's too big.
I appreciate GREATLY any help you can give me.
Thank you.

Posted: 17.02.2009 15:15
by Dan Kozub
Downloaded. I will let you know about my experiments!