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Posted: 04.02.2007 07:53
by Ariel
Here is a picture I took of a Green Planthopper. Note the improvements made to the picture using Helicon. (Watermarked for protection.) (Second place winner at's photo contest)

Posted: 05.02.2007 05:10
by lutz
Very nice!

any idea what kind of hopper this is? or some more pics?

Posted: 05.02.2007 07:59
by Ariel
Yes, it is a Siphanta acuta Flatid planthopper. AKA Green planthopper.

Posted: 05.02.2007 09:15
by mireille
Beautifull shot Ariel! Special mood and worth it's prize!

What is your equipment (I am just curious) :wink:

Posted: 05.02.2007 09:43
by Ariel
Well, like I said, it did win second place at the photo contest for December. Thanks! :D

Equipment: I used my Fujifilm S5200, without (I think) flash, and an Opteka macro add-on lens (probably +8 or +10 diopter), 1/100s, f/3.3, 83mm equiv. zoom, ISO: 200. (Now I use HOYA macro lenses, as they produce less aberrations. You can see some of the pictures I got with my HOYAs near the bottom of my BetterPhoto gallery. Some pictures were taken with the Opteka, the other macros with the HOYA, as mentioned on each individual picture's page.)

Posted: 07.02.2007 09:42
by mireille
Thank's a Ariel lot for the information!

I am very surprised of what you acheive with your bridge!
The tone gamut is beautifull and post processing just perfect!

I'll go to see your macro with hoya! :wink:

Posted: 09.02.2007 05:58
by Ariel
"with your bridge" What do you mean by that?