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Rhyzopus sp, a rot of fruits

Posted: 17.08.2015 20:04
by jbobet
This photo is the result of staking 46 shots taken at a scale of 12:1 using a microscope lens, an extension bellows of 150 mm and a Canon 5D MII, mounted in a Cognisys Stack shot rail, and all driven by Helicon remote. The staking was made in Helicon focus Pro.
You can see the fructification of the mould when the fruit becomes rot.

Re: Rhyzopus sp, a rot of fruits

Posted: 21.08.2015 10:58
by Stas Yatsenko
12:1! Impressive!

Re: Rhyzopus sp, a rot of fruits

Posted: 08.01.2016 18:49
by vwsweeden
Terrific shot! Great technique. There are some visible artifacts that have been identified as sensor dust in other peoples photos. That might be the case in your shot as well. Pro sensor cleaning costs about $100 here in the midwest. I get mine done at a local photo shop. The tech is very good and likes to take his time. I schedule ahead and allow half a day per camera.