Foot of the wasp

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Foot of the wasp

Post by hermitdog » 06.04.2018 23:23

This is one of the six feet of the same wasp whose wing I imaged in a previous post in this gallery. This time I made 25 layers - starting with what was farthest away and moving a bit closer with each layer. I used Method C (pyramid) for the render.
Wasp foot helicon method c.jpg
Wasp foot helicon method c.jpg (154.95 KiB) Viewed 6997 times

Lamar Watson
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Re: Foot of the wasp

Post by Lamar Watson » 07.12.2018 00:07

You're talented! But that looks a bit scary.

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Re: Foot of the wasp

Post by Giorgio PAPARELLE » 07.12.2018 22:20

Very nice shot.
Sometimes I prefer method A, especially if there's a shiny background; it seems to me that with method A the borders of the sujets are sharper without any ghosting from the stack.
Lamar is right, there's a scary thing hanging around...

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