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5 Horned Rhinoceros Beetle

Posted: 22.07.2018 15:29
by Earlyman1953
This 5 horned rhinoceros beetle (Eupatorus Gracillicornis), with its 6 inch wing span looks formidable, but is completely harmless to humans. A native of Thailand, they are sometimes kept as pets during their brief (two week) lifespan. 64 images focus stacked into a single photo.

Re: 5 Horned Rhinoceros Beetle

Posted: 07.08.2018 15:04
by OzzyDave
What a great photo. I have just joined the group and was wondering what your set up was for this shot, if you don't mind sharing.
I am just starting to get into micro photography and keen to learn.
Many Thanks

Re: 5 Horned Rhinoceros Beetle

Posted: 13.08.2018 22:50
by Earlyman1953
Thanks for the compliment! Here is a shot of the setup used for that photo. Canon 5D MKII, Canon 100mm macro lens, StackShot automated rail, diffusion tent, two Canon 550EX flashes to either side with softboxes, assorted reflector cards. You can start with much less, but you asked me what I used.

Without a doubt, the most important thing you need is technique. Without it, the equipment is useless. Watch YouTube videos on macro techniques, there are lots. The other thing that is just as important (once you have learned technique), is subject matter. The best technique in the world means nothing if what you are photographing is boring, or has been photographed a thousand times. I live in the USA, where we just don't have the amazing array of insects (assuming that is what you want to showcase), as places in other parts of the world (e.g.: Southeast Asia).
The majority of my subjects are insects which have raised on insect farms. they are allowed to live out their lives and are only collected after they die. Check out Ebay, as there are many sellers who offer these insects for sale. Hope this helps. Cheers!

Re: 5 Horned Rhinoceros Beetle

Posted: 03.12.2018 23:21
by Lamar Watson
What a great photo! I'm a newbie at it, but it's really encouraging seeing such a good job.