Several issues with panorama mode

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Several issues with panorama mode

Post by EmKar » 06.04.2020 14:15

Hi there,

I am having some issues with the panorama mode:

1.) direction of scan / image order:
I need to stitch large panoramas (thousands of viewpoints) from orthogonal views. Alas, my images are recorded in a direction not supported by Helicon Focus (starting point is bottom right, rows are scanned in alternating order, a.k.a. "snake pattern"), and there seems to be no way to re-arrange the sorting order accordingly or to set the correct direction parameters.

2.) panorama mode on the command line
To overcome the restriction mentioned above, I had the idea of supplying the correct file order using the command line "-i" parameter to supply a file where all images are sorted in the order expected by Helicon Focus. But it seems the panorama mode is not supported via command line at all.

3.) the overlap of individual images is pretty stable, but since overlap can be indicated by whole numbers only (no decimal point), I cannot adjust it exactly (e.g. my vertical overlap would usually be 11.8%). Plus, sometimes overlap differs by some ten pixels. In a few cases this results in artefacts where structures from two overlapping images do not match precisely. Increasing overlap in the "panorama autoadjustment settings" accordingly does not improve this.

Is there a solution at hands for any of these problems?

All the best,
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Re: Several issues with panorama mode

Post by Catherine » 21.09.2020 11:04

The preferred order can be set through re-naming of files.

As for the overlap and alignment issues, you are welcome to send us the files. We'll be happy to check it.

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