Sharpness parameter?

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Sharpness parameter?

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If I understand principle of Helicon Focus operation correctly, method to determine what detail of stack image is in focus based on sharpness of this detail: if sharpness of detail higher than some threshold, it means that it is in focus, so it should be related to stack distance of this image.

If this is correct, what parameter of Helicon Focus interface is control level of sharpness threshold? Is it possible to change it?

Question is related to situation, when different microscope lenses have different aberration level, so threshold level should be different for different lenses.

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Re: Sharpness parameter?

Post by Catherine »

There is no absolute threshold at all, only the relative sharpness of two images is compared, there is no threshold expressed in absolute values.
On top of that, there is no direct control of this relative threshold either. Instead, there are Radius and Smoothing parameters.
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