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Centipede head

Posted: 12.01.2008 09:10
by Charles Krebs
These are images of fairly small centipedes that were found in moss samples. In both cases looking at the ventral side.

The upper image was taken with an Olympus 4/0.16 S Plan Apo, using darkfield illumination. The stack consisted of 19 images.

The lower image gives a good look at one of the articulated pincers. Brightfield illumination. Partially crossed polarization was used to show the internal musculature. This was taken with an Olympus 10/0.40 S Plan Apo. The stack consisted of 16 images.

An Olympus NFK 1.67X projection eyepiece and a Canon 350D were used on the trinocular tube.



Posted: 14.01.2008 17:11
by Dan Kozub
Charles, thanks for sharing these beautiful images!

Posted: 20.04.2008 21:03
by genosmm

Nice Shots!

What are the sizes of the resulting files? Also what format do you normally store these stacked photos?

Gene OHara

Posted: 01.05.2008 20:45
by Charles Krebs

The resulting image file has the same pixel dimensions as each of source images. For my microscope shots this is 3456x2304 pixels (Canon 350D), for my "macro" shots it is 3872x2592 (Nikon D200). I usually save everything as "tif" files to avoid any compression artifacts. Then, if they are to be posted online I'll resize and save as a separate "jpg" version.