Which version to purchase - Lite or Pro ???

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Which version to purchase - Lite or Pro ???

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I learned about this software at one of the microscopy forums where it was promoted favorably. I downloaded the trial version and had good success using it myself - rendering stacks and saving them. I understand that the limited-time 'demo' version of the software is the 'Pro' version. My question is this:

Which version - Lite or Pro - do I need to purchase in order to continue doing what I have been doing?



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Re: Which version to purchase - Lite or Pro ???

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Trial version is equivalent to fully-functional Pro.

Lite version uses the same focus stacking methods and algorithms, but has limited functionality, for instance, does not allow to save to .dng, to use retouching tools, OpenCL acceleration and other Pro features. Here's the full list: https://www.heliconsoft.com/helicon-foc ... licensing/
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