focus stack artifacts

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focus stack artifacts

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I was wondering if someone would be able to help me with a stack i'm currently working on. My setup is the Wemacro tube with raynox 150 reversed with a 10x plan objective. it's mounted on a focus rail and I'm using 8 micron steps. my subject is a beetle and I photographed the antennae. I took a total of 128 images.

i've tried several stacking methods and I can't seem to get a clean final image. i've attached one of the final stacked image and a couple of crops of an area that shows diffraction spikes in the final stack, but in the original raw you can clearly see that one hair is clean

the images has tons of halos and I'm not quite sure how to process this image. any advice would be really appreciated. if anyone happens to be interested in giving the stack a try, I can upload 50 some odd images to dropbox and supply the think if anyone wants to experiment with it.

thank you.

full stack:
(7.92 MiB) Not downloaded yet
crop of full stack:
A7V03479-B,Radius4,Smoothing4 copy.jpg
A7V03479-B,Radius4,Smoothing4 copy.jpg (253.77 KiB) Viewed 1768 times
crop of original raw:
A7V03479-B,Radius4,Smoothing4 org.jpg
A7V03479-B,Radius4,Smoothing4 org.jpg (469.47 KiB) Viewed 1768 times
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