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Cyclops (24 image stack combined with Helicon Focus)

Posted: 06.04.2005 08:26
by Charles Krebs
This is a cyclops photographed on a combound microscope. 24 images were combined to get adequate depth-of-field.
Charles Krebs

Posted: 06.04.2005 09:32
by Dan Kozub
this is my favorite! :) just stunning!
Charles, why the legs are "transparent"?
Is there nothing inside of the chitin surface? no muscles?

Posted: 12.04.2005 00:27
by Charles Krebs
Danylo... there are indeed muscles and other tissue inside the legs, but it just doesn't show in "brightfield" illumination. I guess the refractive index of the tissue is too close to that of water. It becomes more obvious with different types of contrast "enhancing" illumination. It is especially obvious when used crossed polarized lighting. I'll attach a picture of the legs of another micro-creature that was taken using cross polarization and you can see how well the tissue can be seen with this illumination.

Posted: 12.04.2005 08:11
by Dan Kozub
Have you tried colored water? :) Just to make muscles visible.

Posted: 24.04.2005 12:09
by Juza
Fantastic image Charles! 8)

Posted: 27.12.2005 02:12
by iamnemo
Amazing image Charles!

Posted: 19.11.2006 06:03
by Ariel
That's so cool!!!