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Daphnia (5 image stack)

Posted: 06.04.2005 08:58
by Charles Krebs
This daphnia (water flea) was photographed using a compound microscope. 5 images were combined in Helicon Focus.

Posted: 05.09.2006 15:08
by TomMeeks
I love the little hitchhikers!!

In fact, I love ALL of your work. It sets THE benchmark for my aspirations in this area of photography.

Posted: 12.09.2006 08:35
by mireille
Beautifull micro world.. great discovery for me..thank's !

Posted: 19.11.2006 20:46
by Ariel

:shock: :D

Posted: 21.11.2007 14:35
by Sorex
Nice image, though it' s not Daphnia

Posted: 02.01.2008 16:45
by gpmatthews
I think it is probably Ceriodaphnia reticulata

Posted: 01.05.2008 20:50
by Charles Krebs
It belongs to the family Daphniidae.
So I think it can be referred to as a daphnia. If not... what is it?