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Posted: 16.04.2005 12:34
by drosophile
Dan & Friends,

I enclose a photography made with my Canon 300 D mounted on a Meopta microscope. Upper side of the Image: only one stack

Eypiece : Olympus photo 2,5 x
Objective Olympus Fluorine 40 x NA 0,75

99 images to 1 micron step

Dust map activated

Essential corrections with Photo Filter

Basis of the Image 22/100 mm.

Objects: marine radiolarians

Helicon focus has created a very good image ! very better than other tested software.

Thanks Dan


Posted: 16.04.2005 20:52
by Dan Kozub
Pol, you hold the record!!
wow, 99 images!!
the shots are great of course


Posted: 27.12.2005 02:06
by iamnemo

Is your stage motorized? How can you achieve 1um steps?