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Posted: 30.04.2005 10:41
by Drosophile
Dear Helicon friends,

I send with this email an image of Corythucha ciliata, described in rthis web page :

25 Original images at 6 MP with my Canon 300 D
Objective Canon micro 2,8/35 mm. at F 4.0

Size of this insect : 3,2 mm. :wink:

Posted: 30.04.2005 11:00
by Dan Kozub
Thanks for sharing :)

I think you should add this image to your article or have i missed something?

It would be nice to shot it on the leaf, no?

Corythucha "live"

Posted: 01.05.2005 19:49
by fotopol

Excuse me but with my the last two messages, i gave a bad username :oops: i am fotopol, registered user of the forum, (not drosophile as mentioned by error).

Radiolarians and Corythucha are subjects sent by me (fotopol)

I can give precisions about Corythucha.

Corythucha ciliata
Hemiptera: Tingidae
"Sycamore lace bug"

The fotographied Corythucha species was discovered in Bergerac (France) in great quantity hibernating under the bark of plane trees

With this email i send images of living corythucha photographied during the first observations in october 2002.

The illustrated Corythucha on the black background is naturely dead but in relative good state with fantastic structures.

here is another link dedicated to Corythucha: ... %20Bug.htm