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Vorticella at 400x 3D

Posted: 15.05.2010 03:54
by TomMeeks
Celestron recently released a very inexpensive ($49.95) digital microscope camera that captures video at 640x480 and stills a 2mpx. Here is an image captured with that low cost camera using a Premiere MRP-5000 microscope. It's the first time that I'd tried using helicon Focus with this new camera. I put this video up on Teacher Tube because at that low cost, I think many home school parents and teachers will be able to afford to finally start using a digital camera with their microscopes and that presents a great opportunity for Helicon Focus to grow.

Obviously, the image is not going to be the quality of that using an SLR. But, even so, it's a very intriging image and I intend to explore getting better at it. Since protozoa are transparent, I definitely will have to experience with the order of the images, top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top? And, it might be better NOT to go past 1/2 the depth. Any ideas?

Re: Vorticella at 400x 3D

Posted: 17.05.2010 12:13
by Stas Yatsenko

Great image for such a camera! I think the order is not that important. I would experiment with lightening, it may give drammatic effect.

Re: Vorticella at 400x 3D

Posted: 04.06.2020 11:44
by tiamartin2020
Special thanks for posting this on Teacher Tube, I am already considering buying digital camera.
I would like my kids to benefit from using a camera with the microscopes.