Is it possible to handheld the camera against the okular?

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Is it possible to handheld the camera against the okular?

Post by lavochkin » 19.01.2006 00:42

Is it possible to handheld the camera against the okular for using this software? For getting decent results.

Dan Kozub
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Post by Dan Kozub » 19.01.2006 18:15

The camera should be fixed somehow, with standard fittings or using self made appliance.
I do not think you will be able to get images of decent quality holding the camera.

Anyway, if you get the images somehow, the program will be able to process them.

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Post by lavochkin » 20.01.2006 20:03

I get good enough pictures but there is a small difference in degrees in orientation between the pictures.

But I think i will make a device to put it in.

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Some inexpensive solutions

Post by TomMeeks » 05.09.2006 15:03

I've experimented lining up a camera with a micrscope using an inexpensive copy stand and can get it to work very well. Another inexpensive alternative, if your camera has threads or adapter that can take a filter, is the Scopetronix Digi-T.

In both of these cases there is some effort at getting things lined up. But, it can be done and is a LOT easier than trying to hand hold it.

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a cheap adapter

Post by seemolf » 17.11.2006 12:34

there are quite cheap adapters at "fleabay" or elsewhere.
Simply search for the word "F-adapter" in the photo section.
There are different thread sizes..
I am using this part on my microscope (look at the link in my amber thread).
The optics can be centered. Lightweight cameras don't need a separate support.
....and it can be used for bionocular too.

Here is an example: ... dZViewItem



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