problem of "desharpening" of just sharpened parts of image

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Pavel Skacha

problem of "desharpening" of just sharpened parts of image

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i am trying to do microphotos of minerals and I noticed an interesting thing which detoriorates the quality of resulting image and it would be very helpfull to solve it by some way.
When i run processing a set od photos i noticed the crystal was during the session well sharpened and when were processed some areas around the crystal, it came blurred in some way. Probably the algorythm evaluate that some unsharp areas are sharp, some of just sharpened areas of the image were "unsharped" again and the result was worst than the image in progress of the processing. The only way I managed this situation was, I left sharpened only the area around the crystal and external areas of the image (aboout 50%) were very blurred and it doesnt look good, but it was better then the main crystal was blurred.
It occured to me, that it could be some way how to solve it. Mark first picture of the back part of the crystal on a relevant picture, mark the front part of the crystal on a relevant picture and mark out the area I want to be sharpened by some mask or something like this. After the other pictures will be processed, this area will stay untouched and whole picture will be OK and sharp. Other way (maybe better) how to reach this efect, it could be to have possibility to stop the process during the session, mark the area which I want to stay in this stadium of sharpening and after that run the process again to continue.
I think this setup could by very helpfull probably for some other possibilities.
I know that this hit into the structure of the program will be probably very difficult, but it could improve the resulting image in a very good way.
Hope you will try to find the best solution how to solve this problem and hope I explained it clearly.
Thanks and Kind regards
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Stas Yatsenko
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Re: problem of "desharpening" of just sharpened parts of ima

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Thanks for your suggestions. Can you upload this stack to our server (as described at so that we can play with it?
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