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Mosquito - business end

Posted: 31.12.2012 16:47
by cybermystic
Mosquito mouth parts. by cybermystic, on Flickr

This is a 2-frame focus-stacked image of the business end (the bit that goes into you :D ) of a Mosquito. Magnification x50. I think I can probably do a bit better, but I am extremely happy at how well Helicon Focus handled the data.

Re: Mosquito - business end

Posted: 03.01.2013 11:50
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks! Why only two images? I think you need more to cover all the details...

Re: Mosquito - business end

Posted: 05.01.2013 22:00
by Guest
Hi Stas,

Not two images - two frames for the bigger field of view. So this is a mosaic. The number of images in each frame for focus-stacking was about 20.