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Found an excellent Micrsocope to Camera Adapter

Posted: 08.11.2006 22:35
by TomMeeks
I just purchased an adapter from It's called the Digi-Mic Adapter (DMA-2 for my camera) and replaces the eyepiece of the microscope.

So, far, I've been very pleased. I bought the adapter, which fits microscopes with 23mm eyepieces and the 30mm sleeve to use with my stereo microscopes. Very nicely machined. Fit's perfectly in the scopes I've tested so far and has worked well with both the low-end Casio and the Canon 400D.

It's around $200; but, well worth it to me having used the lower end adapters. A LOT less hassle. LOL

I'll be trying it with a Canon S2 to replace the Casio and will post some images.

Posted: 09.11.2006 23:29
by Dan Kozub
Can you post an image of this adapter?


Posted: 16.11.2006 14:07
by seemolf
This is the correct link, Dan: