Few newbie questions

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Few newbie questions

Post by Medwar »

1) Is there a possibility to edit depth map manually and than use it for image construction?
I found how to export depth map to jpg, but didn't find a way to import it back to the project.

2) Is there a way to make a "synthetic" stereopair like implemented in Zerene Stacker? I find that a very useful feature.

3) The source files in the right column cannot be shift-selected and marked with ''v'' as a group. You can mark only single file at a time, and I often need to make partial stacks of 50+ source files.
Please give any advice how to easy make partial stacks in Helicon? Without selecting/deselecting every single file manually. Partial stacks are needed for later retouching of final image.
I think selection of images using control and shift, like in any OS, would be very useful.
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Re: Few newbie questions

Post by DrD »

To answer your question 3): If you want to select several images, use the shortcut [strg] + [O]
In the window you can then shift-select the images. Press the button "Open" then.

If you want to prepare several groups of images, choose "Enqeuestacks" under the "File" menu. Then "Add images" and you can shift-select the images for one stack. You have to repeat from "Add images" again, if you want to make more than one stack. then you can render them.

The other questions certainly will be answered by the Helicon support soon.
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Re: Few newbie questions

Post by Stas Yatsenko »

1) There is no way to import depth map file back to project. We once thought about it but using retouching brush to fix artefacts is a much easier approach.

2) You can export 3D model to 3D viewer and then export video or stereo pair from there.
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