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NewB - What do I need for EDoF +HDR with StackShot?

Posted: 11.11.2016 19:43
by macmesser
I have used neither macro focus stacking nor exposure stacking software but will be getting into both this winter. I'm wondering what the work flow would be like for taking combined stacks. Would I use Helicon Focus to create several differently exposed stacks and then use a standalone exposure stacking software of my choice to create HDR images? Can differently exposed stacks be created concurrently or would I need to run them consecutively?

I noticed some landscape EDoF images on the site. Is it possible to select several discrete focus distances/planes which contain desired features and ignore distances which don't have detail, so as to avoid taking a prohibitively large stack? I'm thinking about the one of the shingled roof through a frame of colored tree leaves.

I plan on getting a StackShot and looking for the best software for use with it. Would appreciate any inputs from those who use StackShots.

Thanks in advance for any insights!

Re: NewB - What do I need for EDoF +HDR with StackShot?

Posted: 16.11.2016 17:05
by Stas Yatsenko
The correct way to process HDR focus stacks is to first combine N focus stacks (where N is the number of exposures in each HDR shot) and then merge N stacking results into one HDR image.
You can use the batch processing feature (and its tool "Split by exposure) in Helicon Focus to enqueue all the stacks at once.

There is no way to set specific focus positions for certain features in Helicon Remote, but that should not be necessary: landscape shooting scenarios should yield quite a large DOF, you will only need a couple shots anyway.