Paid gig for focus stacking experts - work from home

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Paid gig for focus stacking experts - work from home

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Image stacking is a great technique but it often requires tweaking the parameters of the stacking program, trying different modes, trying different programs (Zerene versus Helicon), slab stacking and so forth.

Finally, some manual editing can also be required with Photoshop or Lightroom.

I am working on a big project where I have too many images to process in too a short period of time to do them myself. Most photo editors I can hire locally know Photoshop/Lightroom but don't know anything about stacking.

I am hoping to find people on the forum who might want to do some stacking editing/retouching as a part time activity. You can work your own hours - I can send you the images to stack - and get the results back.

You must have Zerene and Helicon Focus and be experienced in using them. Photoshop would also be a good idea. The files are large (100 megapixel) so you will need a computer capable of handling them.

I am not sure what is fair to pay for this, so I am open to suggestion.

If you are interested (or you pass this along to somebody who is), contact
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