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Stacked Image Blurred at 100% Zoom

Posted: 22.04.2017 01:49
by ReyPhoto

I've tried looking through other topics but not finding a solution. Blending with Helicon saves me a ton of time, but I find that I can't get the Helicon version to be as sharp as if I manually blend it in photoshop - see attached examples. When I do it manually in photoshop, I load all the files (in this example - 21 images) then auto-align them and use brush/mask one by one to find each layer's sharp areas. Photoshop's auto-blend function is really awful for this type of image.

I've tried messing with Helicon's setting as far as the method, radius, smoothing, as well as autoadjustments, and what I'm attaching here is the best I could get. Hoping you'll be able to view the image large enough to see the difference in sharpness,

Any suggestions on getting a sharper result? Thanks.
Diam Ring Manually Stacked.jpg
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Diam Ring Helicon Stacked.jpg
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Re: Stacked Image Blurred at 100% Zoom

Posted: 24.04.2017 16:10
by Stas Yatsenko
Please upload your stack to our server (as described at and we will see what is happening.
If you are user of GoogleDrive, DropBox, OneDrive or other cloud service, you can upload your files there and send us a link.

Re: Stacked Image Blurred at 100% Zoom

Posted: 15.05.2017 16:30
by Stas Yatsenko
Thanks for the stack. We discovered that Helicon Focus renders DNG images with lower contrast than Photoshop and this give the most noticeable effect.
So we suggest to use DNG-to-RAW workflow and save DNG result, then open it in Photoshop for postprocessing. Attached is our DNG result opened in Photoshop.