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HeliconFocus no thumbnails in Fileview

Posted: 29.08.2017 21:08
by cuxlander
I am using Focus Pro 5.314x64 since 2 years to full satisfaction (Windows 7 64bit). Before 27 Aug file list showed thumbnails of JPGs.
Then message: cannot open Helicon ... msvcp100.dll missing.
I downloaded what I thought to be a suitable dll and copied in to the Helicon folder.
After that no thumbnails created for new photos, old photo thumbnais were there. Windows Explorer shows all thumbnails.
Is a wrong DLL the culprit? Which version would I need?

Re: HeliconFocus no thumbnails in Fileview

Posted: 30.08.2017 11:19
by Stas Yatsenko
Helicon Focus 5.3.14 is outdated version and we do not support it anymore. Please download and install the latest release of Helicon Focus: