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Helicon FB tube

Posted: 12.11.2018 00:14
by macmesser
Using a Canon 6D and EF 100mm f/2.8 (non IS). I just received my tube a few days ago and successfully set it up using my MacBook Pro, however after using the setup utility from my iPad to change configuration, I am getting errors like: "Lens is not communicating with camera. Clean contacts." When the tube is removed the lens functions normally, so it is not lens contacts. The contacts on tube are clean. I updated camera firmware to latest version and then reconfigured the tube from my MacBook Pro. During the reconfigure, the tube's led did flash green several times, indicating configuration data was transmitted to the tube. I shot a stack to test camera functionality but did not check stack images. There is a definite problem since the tube led is continuous faint red rather than green flash when the camera is turned on and there is no green flash when a stack is shot, just continuous faint red color from the led. Thanks in advance for help resolving this issue.

Re: Helicon FB tube

Posted: 14.11.2018 11:13
by Stas Yatsenko
Could you please let us know if there's any other compatible lens available for a test? If so, please try it to check if the other lens behaves the same.
So is it correct that you do not see the 100 mm lens make focus steps?
Do you still continue getting communication error?