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Impossible to stack a watch picture

Posted: 07.12.2018 12:53
by stanispasme

I usually have no big trouble using Helicon, But this time I've been tearing hair off my head :))
I have a Helicon Lite licence (latest) and I cannot find any solution : all methods give poor results and the edges are totally blurry.
The watch is blur all around, there is also a problem that appears on the wristwatch.
Would you recommend a method that could give a better result ?
Please find enclosed the different results, and if you wish to receive the original files please let me know.

Re: Impossible to stack a watch picture

Posted: 10.12.2018 16:13
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, original files would help to understand the problem but most probably the only way to minimize this artifact is to set smaller aperture. This is optical effect, blurred edge on the foreground masks details on the background. The program just does not have enough information.