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helicon focus Nikon D500

Posted: 27.01.2019 15:14
by jakin1950
I used Helicone focus some years ago with a laptop and helicon remote

I would like to use now Helicon Focus with a Nikon D500 and a Nikkor 105 / 2.8 lens and the tube for Nikon

If I understood correctly, I can configure the tube with a device Ios having a jack to adapt it to the objective

Then, I put myself on the focus closest to the camera, launch the Burst and stop when I go beyond the final zone

Questions requiering confirmation:
Need to use the live view mode to get the end of the series?

How To use one or more flash ?


Re: helicon focus Nikon D500

Posted: 30.01.2019 12:21
by Stas Yatsenko
You can shoot in Live View mode, but you do not have to. However, current focus position will only be updated when you release the shutter button, Live View will not display advancement of focus in real time mode.

As for using flash, when shooting with the tube you control shooting manually, i.e. you trigger shooting by depressing the shutter button and stop shooting by releasing it, or you can control shooting from a remote control. So you can control intervals between shots for the flash recharge manually. If you are looking for a fully automated solution, Helicon Remote may work for you. It enables automated focus bracketing, but does not allow to shoot focus bracketing series at high speeds. However, if you need to makes pauses between shots, you might not be looking for high-speed shooting. With Helicon Remote you can set the time interval between shots for flash recharge in the program Preferences. These two solutions - Helicon FB Tube and Heicon Remote - have some similar functionality, each one having its own specifics and advantages:

Re: helicon focus Nikon D500

Posted: 30.01.2019 15:07
by jakin1950

Re: helicon focus Nikon D500

Posted: 30.01.2019 15:59
by jakin1950
If I understand correctly the discriminating factors are the duration of the shooting and the possibility of using a laptop or a tablet

The tube is suitable for fast shooting, in constant light, and limits the material to be transported
Noise-sensitive animals will flee away, not deaf ones or inanimate objects
Can you confirm that I have to configure the tube for the same lens, every time I need to change the aperture .

Helicon Remote is perfect for a mini studio with a laptop,
Everything is installed in advance: the subject to photograph, light sources, flash, reflectors, background, etc.
I would start with buying this solution at first
Best regards

Re: helicon focus Nikon D500

Posted: 31.01.2019 16:05
by Stas Yatsenko
Yes, you do need to reconfigure the tube after you change aperture (or focal length, since both of these affect DOF).