New Userm errors on render

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New Userm errors on render

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I've been working with this all of half a day now.

1: I wish I'd known about the GPU acceleration earlier! WAY faster
2: This is by far the easiest to use of several packages I'm evaluating It's also dramatically faster! (with GPU turned on)
3: I am occasionally getting failures during rendering (red ! box) but there's no info I can find on what happened or what to do about it.

The results are very impressive. I'm shooting with a Sony A77 on motorized rail, using a Tamron 90mm macro at the moment. I tried setting up kind of a "hell image" of a bunch of Swarovski crystals inside a glass tube. Reflections-R-Us The tube is sitting on a copper pipe that I wanted out of focus, and in front of a precision photographic background (roll of paper towels) that I also wanted out of focus. The tube is at an angle, making sure the lens by itself can only get part of the tube in focus at any given moment.

Nailed it in ONE!

Attached, one image from the middle of the stack, and one of the final
2019-07-28 23-25-50 (B,Radius50,Smoothing1).jpg
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