Ghosting and Halo

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Ghosting and Halo

Post by crayze_coils_1200 » 21.01.2020 12:19

hi guys i am shooting very small metallic subjects, i shoot with the canon 100D with the canon EF f2.8 100mm USM L series Macro i usually stack anywhere from 70-100 shots i am getting some ghosting around the hard edges of my stack, are there any tips someone can lend, or pointers any particular settings i dont know about whhich may help me.... hope to hear from someone soon thankyou in advance


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Re: Ghosting and Halo

Post by Catherine » 14.02.2020 17:39

There is no direct and straightforward solution for this. Pleasу try using method C or A. If this does not produce a result you are satisfied with, use method B with lower radius and smoothing values. Another option to try is using method B, then C, then going to the retouching tab and copying the problematic areas on the B result using the C result as a source.

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