Capture One Plugin not recognised

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Capture One Plugin not recognised

Post by morgo1968 »

Hi, this is my first post so apologies if this is the wrong section.

I have just installed a trial version of Helicon Focus and I'm trying to install the Capture One plugin. I have downloaded the Windows Version of the plugin from the web but Capture One doesn't recognise the pluging when I try to install it. Upon inspection there isn't a .coplugin file in the download, just the following.

I have checked to make sure I'm downloading the Capture One Plugin and have tried several times.

Am I missing something? Any help appreciated.
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Re: Capture One Plugin not recognised

Post by Catherine »

Please do not open or unzip the plugin file. Please add it as is, as shown in the installation instructions:
Please check if there's any app that is launched automatically that opens it as a different format file/zip.
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