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Delay for the macro rail to rest when shooting small objects

Posted: 04.04.2020 19:20
by axel_emmermann
Shooting stacks of really small objects is problematic. There is much weight to be moved by the stackrail... camera + bellows + lenses. When the rail stops after a step movement, the whole system needs a few seconds to relax before taking the shot. I can program that directly into the command module when it is NOT in USB mode. However, it looks like you cannot program a pause between moving the camera one step and actually taking the photo when I command the system from Helicon Remote. As a result my photos are not as sharp as they should be. Am I missing something or is it really impossible to wait between movements and shots?

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Re: Real small stuff

Posted: 07.04.2020 09:40
by DrD
Do you use Helicon Remote with a Stackshot or WeMacro Rail? Under Preferences - Shooting - Stackshot (or WeMacro) you can choose the necessary time for the pause after movement.