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Macro with a Coolpix 995

Posted: 22.03.2005 09:56
by fotopol
I have recently installed Helicon Pro on my computer, my first attempt was to test old images intially treated with Combinez. For my last test, i've used 6 images originally made with a Coolpix 995 at the focal of 32 mm. To increase magnification of the subject, a 50mm objective was retro-mounted on the Nikon 995 zoom.

The basis of the enclosed image is about 15 mm.

Original image 3 mp

Upper image : Helicon without corrections
Lower image : little corrections with Adobe Photoshop elements 3.0 contrast , gamma and accentuation gives more impact.


unfortunately french speaking :oops:

Posted: 22.03.2005 22:18
by Dan Kozub
Great shot! What is it?

How many images have you combined?


Posted: 27.03.2005 10:43
by fotopol

This image vas made first for aesthetical choice. Ican't exactly determine the name of this subject.

I will submit this image to a friend botanist to determine precisely if possible. Now, I can only say it's a the detail of a wild flower's inflorescence.

Excuse me for the inaccuracy of this answer.

To generate the end image with Helicon, i've used 6 shots.


Posted: 06.08.2005 02:59
by pliers

Posted: 06.06.2006 12:31
by mireille
Wow impressive!

Cela m'impressionne beaucoup fotopol..beau travail et belle réussite.. :wink: