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How to save output as layers in PSD

Posted: 14.09.2008 23:27
by ostonica
I gather, from a forum message posted early in 2007, that it's possible to save the output as a psd file that contains all the source images as layers with association layer masks.

But I cannot find the option that permits that. I am using the trial version but all the psd saves only have one layer!



Posted: 15.01.2009 03:49
by Phil Indeblanc
good question. I too would like to know

Posted: 15.01.2009 13:59
by Dan Kozub
This is not possible so far. We have it in our to do list. I do not think this is important option, both Mac and Windows version have retouching brushes now.

Posted: 15.01.2009 19:32
by Phil Indeblanc
More important than this is have a tool to draw around the one layer or if need be all the layers to define the area that you want in focus, so it ignores the surrounding info in calc. :-)

Posted: 16.01.2009 09:30
by Dan Kozub
Have you tried retouching brush in Helicon Focus. It is very easy to use.

Posted: 16.01.2009 09:59
by Phil Indeblanc
No, but it sounds like the stamp tool or heal tool in PS, which can be a painfully slower method than simply drawing around the figure or subject or perhaps subjects you want to align, somewhat like KnockOut selection.

It would also make it less redundant of a tool from the one in PS. Sorry it does sound a bit tough after the app is already written and capable of it, but I am looking from a beginner view without me trying it, and voicing my forthoughts...Also the basis for HF is effeciency in Workflow for the professional, or the ethusiast perhaps, those willing to pay 200 as I did. And perhaps it is just from using the stamp soooo much in PS and having to come to it again in another SW is phycologically painful ...for me :-)...Bunch of little dust particals to blend with the background without it looking repeated. So far I have not got it to do its thinkg...but from the sample I have seen here, I am sure I will be VERY pleased for my needs, as I think I will be using 8 to 15 images....even that is yet to see! I do hope to read your feedback in different areas of questions, and am very happy to support such SW and writer as yourself, as knowing you are available I think really says something about the support you provide.


Posted: 19.01.2009 16:31
by Dan Kozub
Phil, I would appreciate your feedback. Using Helicon Focus brush is easier because you do not need to make precise strokes. Fixing artifact take only a few seconds.