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workflow question

Posted: 15.11.2008 17:53
by fabforrest
i use a canon EPS 1D MkII and process using Aperture on a Mac Pro. Is the best workflow to import into Aperture and do RAW processing (same for all images in the set) and then export images and bring into Helicon Focus?

Posted: 20.11.2008 14:22
by Dan Kozub
Yes, I would recommend to convert and then process. Helicon Focus can read RAW files if they are supported by OS so you can use RAWs directly.

Posted: 20.11.2008 17:38
by Guest
thanks. am i correct the Leopard is not yet supported (but will be soon)?

Posted: 21.11.2008 09:52
by Dan Kozub
Current Mac version works fine on Leopard too.